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R 2 595,00
If you compete in or practice for IPSC, Steel Challenge, Western Action Shooting, or anytime you want to know how fast you can handle your Firearm. These are the Timers for you! Features: ​Shot Times (the overall time from the loud start signal) Split Times (the time between each shot fire) Shot Numbers (the total numbers of shots fired) Review (of the last 60 shots fired) A Loud Start Signal (even when wearing both ear plugs and ear muffs) 2 to 5 Second Delay or Instant Start (for practice or competition) Programmable PAR Time (user programmable start and stop signals) Flashing Shots (fired in overtime in the PAR Mode) User Adjustable Sensitivity Adjustment Range Officer Walk Through Mode, Programmable from 2-10 minutes with warning signals at start, one minute remaining and end of time. (RF) Model Works with Large Display Dimensions: 4 1/2 " x 2 3/4" " x 1" Power: 9 Volt battery Display Multi Digit LCD Input: Flat tactile keyboard Weight: 5 oz with the battery Operating Range: 10F - 110 F / -10C to 40C The Official Time is always the time recorded on the Shot Timer