Plastic Wads

Gualandi Wads for 50 years is synonymous with high-quality plastic wads, available in all gauges from12 to 36 (410). The Wads are made to ensure outstanding performance with cartridges for shotguns, in terms of speed, pressure, and spread.

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GUALANDI 18mm 16ga 28/29gr SUGPER G WADS (500)

R 540,00
UNBEATABLE PLASTIC WAD FOR HUNTING AND SHOOTING Pre-set fracture cup with four parts anchored to the Wad. Unbeatable for its excellent ballistic performance.

GB WADS 12 GA 24 GR #A-28 (1000)

R 1 030,00
GB WADS 12 GA 24 GR #A-28 1000 PCS