Whether you are reloading your own ammunition to improve accuracy or save money, Forster gives you product options – like Co-Ax® Press and Sizing and Seater Dies – that is second to none. Made from well-crafted components specific to your firearm, Forster tools give you simplicity, precision, and uncompromising performance so you achieve superior results.

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Forster Large Primer Pocket Cleaner (for .210"Primers)

R 195.00
This simple tool is easy to use: Just hold the case mouth over the Primer Pocket Center with one hand while you quickly and easily clean the primer pockets by turning the Case Trimmer handle. No tightening or loosening of collets is required. Will not remove brass from the webs of your cases.

Forster Original Case Trimmer

R 3 140.00
Original Case Trimmer — the old standby for most calibers! Trims most standard calibers from 0.171″ to 0.459″ – fits from 5.7 x 28 all the way to 45-70. Includes both coarse and fine trim length adjustments that will maintain 0.001″ repeatability 0.490″ diameter Cutter Shaft (17 cal. Cutter Shaft required for 17 cal.) 5⅜” long Base Accommodates all six case trimmer accessories Plus, Forster manufactures the only Case Trimmer that holds the case in a Brown & Sharpe-type collet – keeping your trimming depth consistent, even when the rim diameter varies The Original Case Trimmer requires a Collet and Pilot for each case, ordered separately. Collets #1 through #4 are compatible with the Original Case Trimmer.

Forster Small Primer Pocket Cleaner (for .175"Primers)

R 195.00
Primer Pocket Cleaners help ensure consistent ignition and reduce the incidence of misfires by removing powder and primer residue from the primer pockets of your cases. Will not remove brass from the webs of your cases.

Forster Inside-Outside Deburring Tool

R 725.00
Most new cases have dents, irregularities, and burrs at the mouth of the case. These cases should be sized, expanded and chamfered with a deburring tool. The Forster Inside-Outside Deburring Tool is a double-ended, multifunctional piece of equipment that can be used by hand or attached to the special DBT Base (sold separately). The Deburring Tool handles all cartridge cases from .17 to .45 caliber.

Forster Deburring Tool Base Only

R 965.00
This special base for our Inside-Outside Deburring Tool offers speed and saves wear and tear on your hands. When it’s installed on your loading bench, the Forster DBT provides instant access and ease-of-operation for chamfering large quantities of cases.

Forster Primer Pocket Chamfering Tool

R 520.00
The quickest and most accurate method to remove a military primer pocket crimp. This smooth cutting, staggered tooth cutter will chamfer many thousands of cases and will do the job consistently.
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