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Byrna .68 Caliber Solid Projectiles – 95 Count

Our Byrna HD Kinetic Projectiles do not contain any active or inert ingredients and deliver a kinetic payload that can discourage, deter, and delay an attacker as well as provide useful training, without the necessity of traveling to a practice range. These training rounds do NOT break upon impact. Please exercise caution while using. They are .68 caliber kinetic solid projectiles designed to be shot from the Byrna HD. Magazine not included.
SKU: SP68302
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Manufacturer: Byrna
R 250.00
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CO2 Cartridges (8 gram) – 10 Count

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These 8g CO2 cartridges are custom fit for the Byrna HD. Each cartridge (new) will be good for 15-20 rounds (4 mags in a 5 round mag) at full speed. Punctured cartridges within the Byrna will leak over time. It is recommended to swap out punctured CO2 cartridges and leave an un-punctured cartridge inside the Byrna HD to avoid compressed air loss. The Byrna HD will puncture and fire the first round at the same time.


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Our most powerful proprietary pepper and tear gas blend: OC, CS all in one shot, with quick-acting incapacitating effects, higher dispersion, and higher concentration of chemical irritants than any other round found on the market today, our Byrna HD Max projectiles are designed for maximum stopping power. Physical symptoms of chemical irritants often result in disorientation and agitation, which can lead to a state of fear, anxiety, and panic in would-be attackers. Upon impact the projectiles burst, creating a cloud of the chemical irritant that rapidly disperses into the air to quickly incapacitate an attacker. Within seconds, the saturation area extends in all directions around the point of impact.


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The all-new Byrna Concealed Holster is a non-slip clip-less holster, grip retention inside the waistband holster that utilizes the high friction properties of the special outer layer to hold the Byrna HD in place.


R 380.00
Be prepared and loaded for when you need it. These spare 5 round magazines are for the Byrna HD. Byrna HD and magazine sold separately.