Gen 2 9mm Spare End Cap

  • Made by the same manufacturer from the same factory
  • Same warranty as the original part
Authentic spare End Cap for the G-Sight Gen 2 9mm Laser Training Cartridge
Delivery date: 3-5 days
Manufacturer: KEIRON
R 199.99
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  • Made by the same manufacturer from the same factory
  • Same warranty as the original part
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The G-Sight Training Laser lets you train when you can't get to the range. The firing pin activates a laser that allows the shooter to instantly see the point of impact with each shot, while the G-Sight App records your hits with your phone camera. Stay sharp between range sessions and get more out of your dry fire practice with real time feedback. Always follow all gun safety rules all the time.

UpLULA® – 9mm to 45ACP universal pistol mag loader

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The AR15 Brush Combo contains the critical components you need to keep your AR15 chamber and bore carbon-free. It contains a star chamber brush and star chamber mop for cleaning inside the hard to reach star chamber. Star chamber pads help collect left-over carbon while applying the perfect amount of oil or solvent. The .223/5.56mm bore brush scrubs baked-on carbon from lands and grooves.


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Lee 9MM LUGER Carbide Factory Crimp Die sizes the cartridge while being crimped so every round will positively chamber freely with factory-like dependability. This die applies a taper crimp. The adjusting screw quickly and easily sets the desired amount of crimp. Trim Length is not critical so this extra operation takes less time than it would if cases were trimmed and chamfered. A firm crimp is essential for dependable and accurate ammunition, as it eliminates the problems of poor ignition of slow burning magnum powders.